Union Radiophonique Et Televisuelle Internationale

Objectives and Mission: 

To promote culture as expressed through the various audio-visual media. To compile and manage a catalogue of radio and television programmes for exchange among members free of charge. To foster a competitive spirit conducive to cultural creativity in the audio-visual media. To reward excellence in cultural creativity in the audio-visual media through competitions. To promote the broadest possible dissemination of good quality audio-visual productions. To facilitate the acquisition of good quality audio-visual productions by countries and organizations suffering from budgetary difficulties and/or lack of equipment. Priority issues: audio-visual creation; cultural development; exchange of radio and television programmes.

General description: 

URTI activities include: networking/liaising; training/education; events/meetings; awards/prizes/competitions.

Country Presence: 
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Equatorial Guinea
Field of Interest: 
Audiovisual, Communication, Radio, Television