Unesco Centre-Etxea Euskal Herria

Objectives and Mission: 

To give Basque culture an international profile. The Centre works for the culture of peace, sustainable human development and for human rights, locally and globally. It actively participates in international initiatives; fosters a transformative inter-relationship between Basque society and UNESCO and it contributes opinions and observations of its own, through research, advocacy, training, innovation, and the dissemination of information among the public. To co-operate with UNESCO in promoting on an international scale its programmes designed to contribute to peace.

General description: 

The UNESCO Centre ETXEA conducts a wide range of intellectual activities and field work, e.g. the organization of international study camps. It runs training centres for co-operation consultants, as well as information, research and documentation centres. The Centre carries out its activities in cooperation with UNESCO with a view to implementing the values and programmes of the Organization. The activities are financed through public and private sources in the Basque country itself and in other regions of Spain. It has housed and run a specialized documentation centre open to the public since 1996. The documentation centre contains 2,700 different titles, 70 periodicals, 20 thematic dossiers on United Nations system summits and official documentation on UNESCO and other United Nations system organizations. The Centre is a member of the UNESCO Network of Associated Libraries. Furthermore, the Centre attaches importance to the international dimension in its research activities, as well as in the various seminars, conferences, symposia and publications that it organizes. The Centre maintains working relations with the Spanish National Commission for UNESCO and contributes to the implementation of its activities. Since 1998 the director of the Centre has been a member of the Plenary Committee of that Commission.

Field of Interest: 
Endangered Languages, Linguistics, Peace