Transparency International

Objectives and Mission: 

TI is an international organization that combats corruption. It draws public attention to corruption issues and implements a wide variety of programmes including access to information, education, human rights and natural resources. TI does not investigate or expose individual cases, but will work in coalition with organizations or institutions that do, with a view to remaining non-partisan in conflicts relating to corruption.

General description: 

Transparency International undertakes various activities to combat corruption nationally and internationally. The national chapters of its network rally the relevant players in governments, civil society, the private sector and the media to promote transparency in elections, within administrative bodies, in purchasing and business. The network of TI national chapters also campaigns and lobbies governments to implement reforms to combat corruption. TI is best known for publishing regular world corruption indices, such as the Corruption Perceptions Index ranking countries by their perceived levels of corruption and surveys on the perception of corruption in international trade. TI also observes national institutions to ensure that they function democratically, and express their opinion on government action.

Field of Interest: 
Communication, Education, Freedom of expression, Sciences