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Traditions Pour Demain

Objectives and Mission: 

Traditions for tomorrows aims to:
Contribute to the protection and the promotion of living traditional values and cultural expressions by indigenous communities, through moral, technical and financial support for their cultural projects.
Increase awareness on indigenous issues, on intangible cultural heritage and on the diversity of cultural expressions at State level, to support the conception and implementation of cultural policies, and to be involved in the process of drafting international, regional and sub-regional legal instruments.

General description: 

Tradition for Tomorrow supports projects initiated by indigenous and ethnic communities in some 12 Latin American countries in various cultural fields such as music, dance, oral traditions, beliefs and knowledge, language, traditional medicine, means of communication, curricula rand extra curricular education for children, women and the elderly. It carries out awareness-raising, programming and dissemination activities on issues linked with the cultural dimension of development and issues concerning indigenous peoples in general, and cooperates with national/international governmental and non-governmental organizations, and with organizations of indigenous peoples. During the period under consideration, “Traditions for Tomorrow” supported and followed more than 350 projects in the countries where it has a presence, working with some 60 indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities.

Country Presence: 
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
Field of Interest: 
Cultural Diversity, Cultural identity, Development, Illicit trafficking of cultural property, Indigenous peoples, Intangible Heritage, Latin America