South-North, Solidarity And Culture

Objectives and Mission: 

Promote education and research for development and peace among people. Establishment of relations between universities and institutes of research in developing countries and University of Valencia. Support human development, sustainable development and biodiversity. Integrate the subjects of relevance to the Third World, both in its specific and transversal dimensions, in the academic curricula, taking into account global and transdisciplinary perspectives for the study of North-South interdependence. Facilitate the creation of new subjects, postgraduate courses and seminars on dependence and development of poor countries, stressing on their enormous cultural wealth and values. Promote awareness and commitment, cooperative actions and solidarity with Third World countries. Support and take into account women’s needs and their subordinate status by increasing their participation in the planning, management and evaluation of all sorts of university projects and programmes. Create a bibliography and education resource centre which will spread information both at general and specialized levels (called Infosud).

General description: 

South-North’s and the University of Valencia’s activities have spread extensively to South America and to the Mediterranean region, owing to the inclusion and exchange of teachers, students and researchers, and the implementation of projects entailing academic cooperation. The Foundation created in 1996 INFOSUD, a documentation centre specialized in the North-South relations, with a view to acquiring documents and bibliographies on United Nations priority themes, such as human development, environmental conservation, immigration, cultural relations, human rights, conflict resolution and peace culture. It contributes to the formulation and the execution of projects of development, especially in relation to higher education and the support to Mediterranean and South American universities, as well as projects of better conditions of life in disadvantaged communities in different regions of the world.

Field of Interest: 
Education, Higher Education, Peace, Training