Solidarity In Literacy

Objectives and Mission: 

ALFASOL serves to enlighten illiterate youths and adults, particularly in the Portuguese-speaking countries. It aims to encourage the empowerment of women and to reach out to the poorest and most isolated people, thus creating a large group of future educators. Its main goal is to reduce the high incidence of illiteracy and to promote youth and adult education. This NGO also sensitizes civil society, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and national, international and multilateral agencies, with a sense of creating instruments for educational programmes. ALFASOL supports actions for disease prevention by combining programmes of basic education, sanitation and dwelling. It also encourages alternative forms of education for children and teenagers. Fields of action: Adult literacy, early childhood, teacher training, promotion of quality education and higher education.

General description: 

Main projects:
Youth and Adult Initial Literacy Program: Contribute to the reduction of absolute illiteracy and the expansion of the public offering on youth and adult quality education. The Program structures and develops projects of initial literacy for illiterate or poorly educated yoth and adults. Actions initiated in communities involve local mobilization and students' registration, initial and continued training of teachers and local coordinators, attendance monitoring and learning evaluation.
TeleSol Program: From the results achieved at the scope of initial literacy, AlfaSol has begun to invest in Youth and Adult Education (YAE) through TeleSol program, which includes the 1st and the 2nd segments of primary education, encouraging those people who have finsihed a literacy course to keep going with their studies.
Strengthening YAE Program: Training program for public schools' teachers.
Care for Diversity Program: Political Pedagogical Project aiming at reaching the basic learning needs of specific social groups.
Vocational Training Program: Aimed at professionalizing youths and adults in several working fields.
UniSol Program: This program articulates and implements projects and social actions idealized by Institutions of Higher Education (IHE), in partnership with public and private compagnies, non-profit organizations and communities.
International Cooperation Program: Technical Cooperation between AlfaSol and foreign countries that is executed through a partnership with the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC), a body of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It promotes the replication of the educational model that takes into consideration the respect to different cultures and to divere social economic realities.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Children, Education, Higher Education, Literacy, Teacher Education