Sociedad Interamericana De Prensa

Objectives and Mission: 

Protect freedom of the press in the Americas and defend and promote the right of the American peoples to be fully and freely informed through an independent press; foster and protect press freedom by publishing facts of any action or attempt to restrict that freedom in the Western Hemisphere; foster general and specific press interests; promote and maintain the dignity, rights and responsibilities of the profession of journalism; encourage uniform standards of professional and business conduct; promote greater exchange among American peoples in support of basic principles of a free society and individual liberty.

General description: 

Maintains: Inter-American Press Association Press Institute, which organizes seminars and produces publications; IAPA Scholarship Fund, set up 1954. Set up: [Office of Certified Circulation (OCC)], started 1954, which subsequently became autonomous and was then replaced by national and regional organizations which continue helping to increase advertising income and thus financial independence.

Field of Interest: 
Code of Ethics, Human rights, Journalism, Latin America, Press Freedom, Standards