Scientific Committee On Problems Of The Environment

Objectives and Mission: 

SCOPE's mission is:
to advance knowledge of the influence of human beings on their environment, as well as the effects of environmental changes upon human beings, their health and their welfare – with particular attention to those influences and effects which are either global or shared in common by several nations;
to serve as a non-governmental, interdisciplinary and international council of scientists and as a source of advice for the benefit of governments and intergovernmental and non-governmental bodies with respect to environmental problems.

General description: 

SCOPE’s activities may include:
advancing studies of fundamental environmental processes;
exercising scientific leadership in the design of interdisciplinary environmental monitoring systems;
analysing and evaluating information concerning global and regional environmental phenomena and trends, and the effects of environment on man;
developing collaborative programmes among Scientific Unions, National Members and Scientific Committees of ICSU and other appropriate organizations;
projecting current environmental trends into the future on the basis of alternative hypotheses of future human activity, population, use of natural resources and energy requirements;
identifying or devising measures to maximize the beneficial effects and to minimize the adverse effects of the interaction of man and his environment;
promoting education in, and understanding of, environmental problems.