Réseau Des Aires Protégées D’Afrique Centrale

Objectives and Mission: 

RAPAC aims to support the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable management of natural resources in and around protected areas in Central Africa, through the development of an efficient and inclusive network, and to promote professional governance, harmonization of policies and management tools.

General description: 

RAPAC has three main duties which are declined in priority activities and assignments for the construction of its annual work programme.

Defend and develop the network of protected areas:

advocacy and defense network of protected areas;

support for the definition and implementation of conservation policies;

qualitative development of the network of protected areas.

Analyze and disseminate information on protected areas
database management;
monitoring and evaluation of protected areas:
definition of a communication strategy and enhancing communication tools;
classification and archiving of documents and management of the resource center.

Provide support and advice to the network members of the Protected Areas:

development of quality management of protected areas to centers of excellence;

technical support for the management of protected areas;

development tools and drivers for management operations and socio-economic values of protected areas.

Country Presence: 
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Equatorial Guinea
Field of Interest: 
Africa, Biodiversity