Religions For Peace

Objectives and Mission: 

Based on the principle of respect for religious difference, the World Conference on Religion and Peace is an interreligious forum where religious leaders and believers of all ages can meet and share their common concern for justice and peace. WCRP groups together individual or institutional members in more than 100 countries and associates 10,000-12,000 individual members, 35 organizations of national stature and 80 associations of local stature. Mission: To encourage believers of all religions to find the themes of peace and reconciliation in their own spiritual heritage To conduct peace-building activities, debates on social problems in which religions may be involved and educational activities at the international, regional, national and local level. To represent inter-religious opinion as an NGO when dealing with the United Nations system.

General description: 

The WCRP has mobilized the collaborative capacities of religious communities at every level of society in the following areas: Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation (Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Indonesia) Human Rights and Responsibilities (message on the World Conference on Human Rights at Vienna, 1993) The Child and the Family (Religion for Peace's Executive Committee established the International Standing Commission on the Child in 1997) Development and Ecology Disarmament and Security Peace Education Colloque "Religion et citoyenneté pour le XXIè siècle", UNESCO, Paris, France, 1 juin 2005.

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Field of Interest: 
Databases, Education, Education for Peace, Environment, Human rights, Peace, Religion, Women