Building peace in the minds of men and women

Pen International

Objectives and Mission: 

As a world association of writers, editors and translators in all branches and classes of literature, journalism, poetry, drama, fiction, history, biography, science, translation and philosophy, promote and maintain friendship and intellectual cooperation among writers and readers in all countries in the interests of literature, freedom of expression and international goodwill; enable the unhampered transmission of thought within and among nations. PEN's Charter affirms that literature should remain common currency in spite of political or international upheavals and that works of art are the property of humanity at large.

General description: 

Since 2007, the activities of PEN International have increasingly focused on the development of civil society including educational programmes through the work of the Centres. The scope of its literary work has also greatly increased with the Free the Word! Events taking place worldwide. With support from SIDA, the team has grown to incorporate an International Programmes Officer, International Policy and Advocacy Officer, and Committees and Centres Officer. This team are responsible for developing the programmes of our Centres and Committees worldwide and bringing the voice of PEN to the international policy stage.

Field of Interest: 
Censorship, Freedom of expression, Literature, Prison, Translation, Writers