Peace And Sport

Objectives and Mission: 

Using and promoting sport as a tool for building and promoting peace. Peace and Sport aims to: (i) convince governments, international organizations and private sector enterprises of the essential value of practising sport as a language of peace; (ii) raise awareness among sport decision-makers – international and national federations, national committees and sporting clubs – of the extension well beyond the scope of the sport society of all practices that they manage; (iii) work to improve governance in the field of sport; (iv) encourage private enterprises to take into account the development of sport in determining their social responsibility policies and support for local community development; (v) propose and support public-private partnerships; and (vi) change major sponsors’ behaviour so that they are commited to more than merely associating sport images with their products.

General description: 

Organizing the annual Peace and Sport International Forum, a platform for international cooperation to strengthen synergy among sport governing bodies, governments, governmental and non-governmental organizations, civil society and the private sector. The Association grants awards such as the Peace and Sport Awards to reward initiatives and individuals working for peace and social stability. It establishes locally based sports events projects, runs programmes to monitor their effectiveness, implements emergency and peace promotion programmes and holds the Championship for Peace.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Peace, Sport