Pax Romana - International Movement Of Catholic Students And International Catholic Movement For Intellectual Cultural Affairs

Objectives and Mission: 

Pax Romana-ICMICA is an international association of Catholic inter-disciplinary and inter-professional organisations, groups and individuals primarily engaged in dialogue between the Christian faith and cultures. It is now present in all continents with more than 50 member federations throughout the world. Since 1947 when the two movements, ICMICA and the International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) were established, they have been operating independently through their respective international secretariats and regional structures while sharing the common name Pax Romana and sharing a common international representation at the United Nations and UNESCO.
Pax Romana mission is to:
provide trained Christian leaders committed to building new social structures respecting the dignity of mankind;
work on liberation and development in social, economic and cultural fields;
participate in the creation of, and mobilize support of the churches for world justice;
participate in a critical analysis of society leading to the creation of new forms of self-determination;
find ways of adapting universities to current needs of individuals and society;
provide active testimony to Christian values in the intellectual, cultural and social life of society.

General description: 

Pax Romana works on human rights and democracy, culture and education, civil society and democracy, social cohesion and eradication of poverty, sustainable development and inter cultural and inter religious dialogue. Pax Romana also provides a space of awareness to students through campaigns, training sessions, international meetings and representations, advocacy work with strategic partners, workshops and seminars.

Field of Interest: 
Environment, Globalization, Human rights, Peace, Sciences, University, Youth