Paul Gerin-Lajoie Foundation

Objectives and Mission: 

Mission: To contribute to basic education and training for children and young adults in the poorest countries and to raise awareness of the international situation among primary-school children in Canada.

General description: 

Its activities are based on the combination of its skills and resources with those of local institutions and non-governmental organizations. It aims primarily to foster the local people’s participation in and sense of responsibility for their schools. The Foundation works in several areas: raising young people’s awareness of international realities, support for school organization, infrastructure development, educational support, adult literacy, girls’ education, and the training of teachers and head teachers. As part of its activities, major literacy or basic education projects have been carried out successfully in Canada, Haiti, Mali and Senegal. Reference may be made in particular to the ALPHA 2000 Project in Senegal, which gave rise to 30 literacy classes and brought together 995 learners, 74% of whom were women, and to the Access to Education Project in Haiti, under which 800 new pupil places were created. Taken together, the primary education support programmes have fostered the enrolment of 85,000 children and literacy instruction for 2,700 adults. In Quebec and throughout Canada, the Foundation enables primary-school children to improve their knowledge of French by means of P.G.L. dictation, to learn about the values of solidarity and international cooperation and to get involved in its activities in the developing countries.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Culture, Education, Literacy, Training