Patrimoine Sans Frontières

Objectives and Mission: 

Patrimoine sans frontières is a French humanitarian association under the 1901 law which aims to:
contribute to the safeguarding of international heritage in emergency contexts, forgotten or unclaimed, and in all post-accident situations or post-conflict;
support and implement the patrimonial reappropriation in crisis contexts both regionally, nationally and internationally;
establish necessary contacts with all private associations as well as national and international public bodies which can contribute to the achievement of its objectives;
implement all the useful features to achieve its objectives: international network of vigilance, help, information and safeguarding of that heritage, international projects, exchange of best practices, specific or multidisciplinary programs, studies, research, publications...

General description: 

Patrimoine sans frontières' actions are directed towards vulnerable populations in crisis situations (conflicts, disasters, extreme poverty, unclaimed) as well as generational, social and cultural breaking, and that around four main themes:
Heritage after conflicts: all the activities around this theme are part of a vision of the shared heritage that can ease tensions between community and involve local people in groups of projects that exceed the identity crises. 
Heritage after disasters: the approach of PSF is located at the junction between the emergency phase and long-term development projects in the affected areas (Haiti, Japan, Belarus).
Forgotten heritage : PSF intervened alongside Musgum companies in Cameroon to assist in the preservation and transmission of architectural know-how of their culture, including through the establishment of a school yard.
Heritage awareness: in France PSF has implemented several projects to educate young audiences to the issue of cultural heritage, especially through the programs "Heritage are you there?" and "the house of my blanket" and now "Heritage share".

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Cultural Heritage, Culture