North American Broadcasters Association

Objectives and Mission: 

To provide a framework for the identification, study and active solution of international questions affecting broadcasting.
Priority issues: Telecommunications policy affecting broadcasting, technical issues such as copyright, satellite, digital television, the Intemet, radio, technical broadcast standards and comparability; and press freedom and international cultural co-operation in media.

General description: 

NANBA hosts and participates in international conferences on relevant issues; monitors and speaks out on proposed legislation, regulations, or other actions restricting media freedom and the safety of journalists; works with the seven other members of the World Broadcasting Union (WBU) to provide collective representation within international and regional bodies; acts as the official Secretariat for the WBU, chairing the Inter-Union Satellite Operations Groups (ISOG), which represents 70 countries and includes all satellite entities and manufacturers, and chairing the Inter-Union Digital Audio Broadcasting Group; maintains liaison with and participates in international bodies such as EU, ITU, WTO, WIPO and UNESCO on discussions of telecommunication issues.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Copyright, Media, New technologies of information and communication, Press Freedom, Technology