National Endowment Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria”

Objectives and Mission: 

National Endowment Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria” aims to organize and support endowment activities conducted by Bulgarian and foreign individuals and legal entities in support of education, science, culture, restoration and preservation of historical and cultural values, health care and other social spheres.

General description: 

The Fund organizes charitable events for collecting funds for the support of projects on its area of intervention.
Throughout the years the Fund has participated in building of and the support of sites significant to Bulgarian culture: over sixty Orthodox churches, tens of schools, community centres, theatres, galleries, war memorials, The Earth and The People museum, the Memorial of the Union in Plovdiv, etc…
It also owns and manages sites of cultural and historical significance – “Sarafska House” in the town of Samokov, Art Gallery “Gabenski” in the town of Trjana, the “Hadjidanchovi Kashti” set of buildings in the town of Silven. Sites which have all been converted into exhibition halls and spaces for public events.

Country Presence: