Multi-Purpose Women's Cooperative In Qassim

Objectives and Mission: 

HERFAH aims to provide business and work opportunities for handicraft women, job opportunities for college graduates in arts and domestic economics, counselling and advice for handicraft women and graduates and execute productive projects that support domestic production of the families in house. Moreover, HERFAH aims to conduct training for handicraft women in quality control, cooperative work ethics, packaging, marketing, heritage documentation, ensure marketing access to local, regional and international markets and networking with related bodies.

General description: 

Organization of handicraft competitions (over 300 Saudi women and young ladies have competed in an open handicraft competition in 2003), exhibitions (in 2004 an exhibition entitled “Craft in Hand 1” in Riyadh), participation in the First Business Ladies Forum in Riyadh 2005, and other cultural events such as the organization of the First Traditional Fashion Show held in Riyadh to support handicraft women in Qassim.

Country Presence: 
Saudi Arabia
Field of Interest: 
Cultural Heritage, Culture, Women