Mother Child Education Foundation

Objectives and Mission: 

The Mother Child Education Foundation (ACEV) is a Turkish non-governmental organization that conducts research in early childhood and adult education, develops scientifically-based education programs, and implements these programs to benefit those in need through institutional cooperation and the support of collaboration partners. The fundamental goal of AÇEV's education programs have been support disadvantaged children and their families strengthening the "early childhood" period to build a more advanced society and create equal opportunities in education.

General description: 

The ACEV works:
to develop alternative education programs in the field of preschool education, and supports existing efforts;
to support families and child development, conducts education programs for parents;
to develop training programs to raise public awareness on preventing gender inequality in society and empowering women;
to prepare educational television programs in order to be able to reach wider audiences.
to develop and implement short term scientifically-based education programs in the form of seminars to increase public awareness and knowledge.
to generate awareness and support, and works on new educational models and policies that can be implemented more extensively,
to reach all communities that need assistance.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Children, Education