Building peace in the minds of men and women

Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Foundation

Objectives and Mission: 

Its mission is to build a creative knowledge-based society and invest in the intellectual capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by matching the initiatives and talents with their incubators and poviding a cultivating and productive environment.

General description: 

MiSK pursues its objectives by both establishing programs and partnering with local and global organizations in several fields. For example:
Partnership with the Khan Academy. MiSK provides translation of videos of recorded Khan Academy lessons, allowing for self-paced, internet-based classes on a range of topics.
Establishment of the MiSK School, which will open its doors in September 2016. The MiSK School has the stated goal of equipping students to chart their own unique paths in serving and leading society.
Partnership with Harvard University. This partnership allows the Foundation to have representative for youth leadership programmes in the Middle East and to send attendees to university leadership-development programmes.

Country Presence: 
Saudi Arabia
Field of Interest: 
Education, Schools, Youth