Mediterranean Women's Forum

Objectives and Mission: 

Establish a forum for reflection and action in order to inform the United Nations, national and international decision-making groups and the general public of the concerns of women in the region; promote the establishment of women’s networks in the countries of the region where none yet exist and establish a system for the circulation and sharing of information; preserve women’s freedom of expression and foster dialogue between women in different age groups; provide the women in the region with training in communication and leadership techniques in order to strengthen their ability to organize and initiate social movements. Activities: Women and gender equality, social protection and development, education.

General description: 

Engages in activities to promote communication, training, education and the advancement of women entrepreneurs and scientists. One of MWF’s main tasks is to hold, every two years, a Congress for voluntary associations in the Mediterranean on a theme considered as a priority for all the Mediterranean countries, and to adopt a declaration signed by a group of women leaders who form a drafting group for the purpose. The first Forum, organized in 1992 in Valencia (Spain) on the theme “Women as creators and transmitters of culture in the Mediterranean region”, led to the establishment of the network. The second Forum was held in 1995 in Tunis (Tunisia) on the theme “Mediterranean women’s time” and resulted in the Tunis Declaration on women’s work. This declaration was submitted to the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. The third Forum was held in 1999 in Turin (Italy) on the theme “Women, science and biotechnology: What does the future hold for the Mediterranean?”. The Declaration adopted at this meeting was transmitted to the World Conference on Science which was held in Budapest in 1999.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Gender Equality, Mediterranean, Training, Women