Building peace in the minds of men and women

La Maison De Sagesse

Objectives and Mission: 

To assist unfortunate children through the organization and centralization of initiatives.
Fields of activities: humanitarian aid, basic education and culture.

General description: 

Primarily of a humanitarian nature. The Maison de Sagesse carries out quality activities in areas to which access is particularly difficult. Over a period of five years, this organization has dispatched more than 200 tonnes of humanitarian goods to different regions of the world.
Composed of several departments, it is active in the fields of: education and culture: particularly in setting up classrooms and libraries, publishing works and dispatching teams of teachers (France, Lebanon, Tibet and Viet Nam); environment: assistance for sustainable development, in particular, food aid for malnourished children and establishment of a nursery school with a crèche, in partnership with UNESCO (Viet Nam); establishment of an orphanage and assistance in the sponsoring of street children (Dominican Republic); a project to improve overcrowded crèches and child-care centres (Brazil); dispatch of school furniture (Mali); rubbish collection; cultural and environmental awareness-raising programme (Lebanon); establishment of libraries (Italy); management of water supply system and monitoring of sewage treatment (Tibet); running of a rehabilitation centre that now caters for 558 children; collection and dispatch of surgical material (Madagascar).

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Field of Interest: 
Children, Culture, Education, Environment