Liberal Institute For Political Analysis

Objectives and Mission: 

LIPA is a Bulgaria-based NGO advocating for the expansion of liberal democracy and active civil society in Bulgaria. Its major objectives are:
to demonstrate how the change in the mentality results in a change of lives;
to support the development of conditions for a civilized dialogue in society;
to contribute to the creation of a new generation educated in the spirit of Union values in areas such as human rights, multiculturalism and tolerance.

General description: 

Organization of public forums, conferences and workshops, and publication of political, economic and social studies defending personal freedom, freedom of speech, women’s and minority rights.
LIPA also provides training on: leadership and public communication for young politicians and leaders of tomorrow; rights and responsibilities of European citizen; working with EU institutions and non-governmental organizations.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Communication, Culture, Education, Social sciences