Latin American Federation Of Associations Of Communication Schools

Objectives and Mission: 

The Federation promote dialogues in a regional or interregional level between relevant actors, like members or accociates of the federation or institutions in the field of communication and related areas.It aims to:
promote permanent bonds throughout the national and international associations working directly or indirectly in this field and communication schools in America.
improve the education of professional social communicators from a scientific, technological and ethical angle so as to instil social awareness directed towards independent development and social progress, with due respect for national realities. 
contribute to creation and development of post-graduate studies and specialization courses for professional improvement of social communications.
Priority issues: Communication; education; social sciences; scientific research; freedom of information.

General description: 

FELAFACS organizes and provides: 
Training activities: seminars, studies, courses, at national, sub-regional and regional levels; 
Special projects: publications project; FELEAFACS-Konrad Adenauer Foundation Scholarships Program; investigations, endowments, 
Information to intereste bodies on capacitation (pre- and post-graduate), curriculum reform, labour market and communications media.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Communication, Formation, Scientific research, Social sciences