Latin American Campaign For The Right To Education

Objectives and Mission: 

CLADE campaigns for the right to free quality public education for all under State responsibility. It contributes to the formulation of a Latin-American education programme by developing the scope of education policy. Its main aims are to: (i) enhance the State’s public responsibility for the application of fundamental human rights and campaign for education to be recognized as such; (ii) strive for the democratization and effectiveness of public education based on an intersectoral approach; (iii) work for quality research programmes and educational processes; and (iv) stimulate change in education policy to ensure that participatory democracy guarantees the strengthening of civil society decision-making within the legal framework.

General description: 

Participating in 18 national fora, launching a campaign to publish studies and analyses on education, and combating discrimination in the regional justice system by conducting thematic hearings and by holding debates, seminars and training workshops.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Education, Human rights