Latin American And Caribbean Continental Organization Of Students

Objectives and Mission: 

As a democratic trade union of students in the region, fight for: elimination of illiteracy; democratization of education; student welfare, all through defence of the public university. Defend, develop and strengthen high quality free public education with wide coverage; strengthen links with the working class, farm workers, indigenous people and the popular and democratic sectors of civil society; support recognition of the rights of people in the region for self-determination and independence, and for the region's pluricultural, multi-ethnic and plurilingual character; promote active participation of students in political, economic, social, cultural and sporting life of the region; combat all forms of oppression and social, racial, political, religious and gender discrimination.

General description: 

Student, academic, political, cultural and sporting events, especially relating to the environment and human rights and including festivals, tournaments and seminars.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Culture, Education, Environment, Literacy, Youth