Kuwait Society For The Advancement Of Arab Children

Objectives and Mission: 

KSAAC aims to advance specialized knowledge in the development of young children and education in the Arab world. The Society is also dedicated to the development of new research regarding the early stages of child development. It endeavours to accomplish the following goals:
Identify the factors and circumstances, which affect the educational services for children;
Plan appropriate models for providing educational services for children;
Suggest ways and means to educate parents on how to deal with children;
Identify the different children’s organizations in the Arab countries and study their problems;
Develop an Arab strategy for children’s education and health care;
Make parents aware of children’s needs and how to provide parental services;
Conduct research on children’s social, psychological and physical development;
Study various areas related to children’s development: educational, psychological and social.

General description: 

KSAAC is involved in research projects in all areas related to childhood education and development. It produces the Journal of Arab Children, among the most prestigious academic periodicals in the Arab region. In addition, KSAAC publishes translated books on different aspects of childhood, commissioned books on children’s literature, as well as simplified scientific books for children. Finally, KSAAC organizes surveys, conferences and fund projects in the field of childhood in Arab countries.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Children, Education, Languages