Junior Chamber International

Objectives and Mission: 

JCI's mission is to contribute to the advancement of the global community by providing the opportunity for young people to develop the leadership skill, social responsibility, fellowship and entrepreneurship necessary to create positive change.

General description: 

Adopts major themes in which all members worldwide participate. Recent themes have included: Opportunities for Children (in connection with the United Nations International Year of the Child); Young People for World Peace; 'The Age of Global Citizenship' focusing on environment, economic interdependence and the future of children; 'Entrepreneurs Action'.
Organizes: Annual World Congress; regional conferences and courses.
Secretariat arranges international meetings, promotes and advises members on community projects, management and individual development, liaises with IGOs and NGOs and coordinates extension and growth of organization.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Equatorial Guinea
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Macao, China
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Field of Interest: 
Development, Education, Youth