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Jeunesses Musicales International

Objectives and Mission: 

Develop musical appreciation among youth; promote participation among young people, performance in the field of culture, living art, artistic creation, animation, and awaken them to the art of expression; contribute to training of young artists in various musical genres - classical, contemporary, traditional, jazz, rock, etc; ensure cooperation between national movements; assemble international documentation on activities of member groups; spread the idea of [youth] and [music] throughout the world; create new groups in countries where they do not yet exist.

General description: 

Organizes over 35,000 musical events in 2,000 towns worldwide every year, with a total audience of 5 million young people. Promotes and supports cooperation between national movements. Activity fields (4): ['Young Audiences'] - 60% of all activities target young audiences, with 13,000 concerts, school concerts for an estimated 1.6 million children and teens and public concerts reaching about 980,000 listeners. Since 2008, grants Young Audiences Music Award (annual since 2012). ['Young Musicians'] - organization of competitions, music camps and other occasions to enable young talents to perform under professional circumstances, eg Imagine Festivals. ['Youth Orchestras and Ensembles'] - includes Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra, JM Jazz World Orchestra and World Youth Choir. ['Youth Empowerment through Music'] - through musical programmes, empower young individuals, encourage understanding between different communities and cultures and increase social integration, eg [Music Crossroads Southern Africa]. Also maintains: Jeunesses musicales of Croatia International Cultural Centre in Groznjan (Groznjan, Croatia). Instrumental in setting up: Nordic Youth Orchestra.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Art, Culture, Music, Youth