Internews International

Objectives and Mission: 

Internews International’s mission is to support the existence and development of independent media (Internet, television, radio and press) and promote approaches conducive to a better understanding of the world and respect for other cultures. The Association has the purpose of contributing by all tangible or intangible means to the creation and development of a worldwide network of members in order to facilitate production, dissemination and circulation of, and access to, independent information.

General description: 

INTERNEWS works to enhance tolerance and understanding by supporting independent medias in emerging democracies, to reduce conflict within and between countries. It produces and distributes innovative television programming, and provides training programmes in television journalism and advertising sales. INTERNEWS also supports regional television stations to benefit from modern information technologies, in order to create an innovative media campaign on national and local television and radio, on the issue of family violence. INTERNEWS is now focusing on Internet projects. Since 1999, it has expanded its activities in Africa and has, in this framework, provided reports on the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) and conducted researches to support independent media in Nigeria. In Asia, notably in Indonesia, the organization works for independent broadcasting and fair media laws. In North America, INTERNEWS has contributed to the establishment of a 24-hour multicultural satellite television channel, Worldlink TV. The Ford Foundation has supported Internews projects arount the world since 1994 (particularly in Palestine, Indonesia and the Balkans) and Internws Russia since 1996.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
South Sudan
Field of Interest: 
Audiovisual, New technologies of information and communication, Technical and Vocational Education and Training