International Young Christian Workers

Objectives and Mission: 

Enable young workers to live and assume [leadership] in local and international day-to-day reality; encourage them to attain their deepest aspirations and to live according to their [dignity] as persons; respond to and be directed by [activist] members, taking into account cooperation of other young workers in members' activities; provide educational activity where young workers are and live, during their leisure hours or study periods and even if unemployed; take responsibility in efforts to achieve the aspirations of the whole of the working masses, to enable them to grow to the full recognition of their dignity as human beings; prompt initiation to action and responsibility in this struggle; open to all, create communities of action, of review and of change, where young workers discover and live a feeling of [solidarity] and the deepest meaning of life.

General description: 

Basic working method is through quasi-permanent enquiries into specific aspects of young workers' lives, such as: working conditions, displacements, boy/girl relationships, housing, leisure, etc. Through its own method of educational action and review, covering all aspects of the individual and the young worker's daily life, and taking into account the different age groups and degrees of awareness and action, prepares young workers to assume responsibilities in society; organizes groups of young people who meet regularly, discuss their problems and decide how to face them. Main means used are: surveys, meetings, congress, documents adapted to young workers. Organizes seminars and international mini-colloquia. Set up: International Cardijn Foundation.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Human rights, Training, Youth