International Society Of City And Regional Planners

Objectives and Mission: 

Create a platform for exchange between planners from different countries; promote better planning and improvement of planning practice through contacts between planners; promote the profession of city and regional planning in all aspects, notably its identity, the services it can render and the conditions required for it to function; promote planning research; improve theory and practice of planning education and training; provide information and advice in the field at all levels and contribute to major planning discussions.

General description: 

The objectives of ISOCARP include the improvement of planning practive through the creation of a global and active network of practitioners. ISOCARP encourages the exchange of progessional knowledge between planners, promotes the planning profession in all its forms, stimulates and improves planning research, training and education and enhance pulblic awarness and understanding of major planning issues at a global level.
a. The association's main envent is the annual World Congredd, which focuses on a globally-significant planning theme and which takes place in a different country each year. Prior to the congress, Young Planning Professional Workshops are organized.
b. ISOCARP Urban Planning Advisory teams (UPATs) assisits sponsor organizations by offering the extensive experience and expertise of ISOCARP members to work on important local or international planning projects, programs and policy initiatives.
c. ISOCARP is providing Technical Assistance to local government, planning bodies, NGOs etc...
d. In 2010, ISOCARP started educational programs for the mid career planning rpofessionals, and in 2011 the ISOCARP Institute has been established
e. ISOCARP has a long standing experience in organizing the YPP programs which seek to bring together emerging young planning professionalq from all over the world to tackel "real-world" planning projects. In the early 2000s, UNESCO was a partnering and sponsoring organization of this program which has become increasingly popular among the ISOCARP partners.
f. Smaller-scale events such as seminars and working groups are also organized.
All ISOCARP activities are covered in publications such as the ISOCARP Review, the International Manual of Planning Practice (IMPP), Congress proceedings and special project reports.
ISOCARP recognises excellence through the Society's award programme.

Country Presence: 
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
South Sudan
Field of Interest: 
Architecture, Cities, Conservation, Tangible Heritage, Technical and Vocational Education and Training