International School Psychology Association

Objectives and Mission: 

To promote the use of sound psychological principles within the context of education.
To promote communication among professionals who are committed to the improvement of the mental health of children.
To encourage the training and employment of school psychologists.
To promote the psychological rights of all children and promote cooperation with other organizations working for purposes similar to those of ISPA.
To condemn any discrimination of a racial, religious or sexual nature and to recommend its members to conduct their professional life in accordance with this principle.
Priority issues: School psychology; children’s rights; exchange and gathering of information.

General description: 

Activities limited essentially to annual colloquia. ISPA Colloquium 2004, Exeter, United Kingdom, 27-31 July 2004. 2006 Colloquium, Hangzhou, China on the theme : Mental Health and Education: Students, Teachers and Parents. 2007 Colloquium, Tampere, Finland on the theme: Meeting Individual and Community Needs. 2008 Colloquium, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Organization of international research projects.
At the ISPA International Conference (Utrecht 2008), the Executive Committee decided to settle the Child Well Being and Advocacy Committee (CWBA). Tthis committee is composed of three sections: Education For All, Children Rights and Emotional and Social Learning. This is a Standing Committee within the ISPA organization, so the work can continue on a year to year basis and reflects the importance of this mission.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Field of Interest: 
Education, Health, Rights of the child