International Publishers Association

Objectives and Mission: 

The International Publishers Association (IPA) is a federation of national, regional and specialist publishers' associations. IPA was founded in 1896 in Paris by the leading publishers at the time. Its initial aim was to ensure that countries throughout the world showed respect for copyright, and properly implemented the (then) new international copyright treaty, the “Berne Convention for the protection of literary and artistic works”. Until today, the promotion and defence of copyright is one of IPA's main objectives.Since its foundation, IPA also promotes and defends freedom to publish, a fundamental aspect of the human right to freedom of expression. Likewise, IPA stands for the promotion of literacy and reading, and has always been a meeting place for publishers to network, exchange views and conduct business. IPA also deals with a number of other issues affecting publishers, from book fairs to standard developments.IPA's core areas of shared interest are freedom to expression, promotion of literacy and reading, capacity building for local publishing industries.

General description: 

Commissions (5), each chaired by a member of the Permanent Executive Bureau: Professional; Cultural; Social; Internal; External Relations. Hobbies Bureaux. Includes International Conference Centre of the International Police Association - Gimborn. Organizes: International Essay Competition; International Youth Gatherings; individual and group visits (including members' children); International Photography Competition. Provides IPA houses for the hosting of families. Offers: Arthur Troop Scholarship - 10 annual bursaries for young serving police officers. Police Placement Project.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Copyright, Freedom of expression, Literacy, Media, New technologies of information and communication, Training