International Public Television

Objectives and Mission: 

To promote the role of public service television as a driving force for change in societies.
To assist television professionals in fulfilling the educational, cultural and social aspects of their mission.
To promote among professionals a wide choice of creative activities and the sharing of experiences and information on all aspects of television.

General description: 

INPUT encourages and carries out a large number of activities at the regional level and organizes training workshops in developing countries (in Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America). Organization of seminars, conferences and training workshops, following which participants can benefit from the sharing of human, material and financial resources; funding the participation of professionals from developing countries in international seminars.
INPUT 2006 Conference, 7-12 May 2006, Tapei, Taiwan, China.
INPUT 2007 Conference, 6-12 May 2007, Lugano, Switzerland.

Field of Interest: 
Communication, Television, Training