International Police Association

Objectives and Mission: 

IPA is an independent association that brings together both serving and retired members of police services in order to create between them bonds of friendship and of international cooperation. It seeks to foster internally the development of cultural relations, the increase of general knowledge, the exchange of professional experiences and the encouragement of social mutual aid. Lastly, it contributes to understanding among peoples and the maintenance of world peace.

General description: 

IPA facilitates interpersonal meetings; it conducts social and cultural activities and encourages the sharing of professional experience, exchanges and international youth meetings in order to strengthen the spirit of tolerance and harmony among people and understanding; it fosters the regular exchange of publications among Sections and promotes international publications. IPA facilitates cooperation through friendly contacts between police officers on all continents and strengthens mutual cooperation.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Databases, Education, Gender Equality, Human rights