International Ocean Institute

Objectives and Mission: 

IOI was created to promote education, capacity-building and research as a means to enhance the peaceful and sustainable use and management of ocean and coastal spaces and their resources. With this in mind, its mission is: 
to promote education, training and research to enhance the peaceful uses of ocean space and its resources, their management and regulation as well as the protection and conservation of the marine environment, guided by the principle of the Common Heritage of Mankind;
 to enhance the ability of developing countries to develop and manage their own resources for their benefit; establish self-reliant development, and assist with the education and eradication of poverty from community to national level;
enhance participation of people, particularly women, in development projects which take into account environmental issues.

General description: 

Training of professionals, mainly from Developing Countries, through interdisciplinary courses in ocean governance, in ocean and coastal management; Development work among coastal communities with the objective of improving their livelihood while restoring and preserving coastal ecology; Organisation of the annual PACEM IN MARIBUS (Peace in the Oceans) Conference (31st October 2005-2nd November 2005, Townsville, Australia).

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Environment, Oceans, Underwater Cultural Heritage, Water