International Movement Of Catholic Agricultural And Rural Youth

Objectives and Mission: 

To bring together in a spirit of evangelical fraternity the Catholic organizations of agricultural and rural youth, as well as other rural organizations actuated by similar ideals and invite them to engage in joint action while respecting their autonomy; serve to transform and develop agricultural and rural living conditions with a view to building a more just society and to shaping a new model of humanity; promote the training and all-round education of country-dwellers and especially rural youth; represent the interests of Catholic agricultural and rural youth vis-à-vis public opinion and the various international institutions.

General description: 

Exchange activities between the movements.
Training activities, ranging from literacy training to courses in new techniques for production and processing of agricultural produce and alternative marketing systems.
Development of projects to create employment or to permit young people to set up farms.
Organisation of cultural activities to safeguard the values of the rural world.
Training in social and political participation.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Environment, Youth