International Institute For Peace

Objectives and Mission: 

The IIP aims at conducting peace research but is also intended to function as a platform to promote non-violent conflict resolution in different areas of the world and to a wide range of people – scholars, military staff and civil society but also to students and people who are interested into topics concerning peace and peaceful approaches to existing conflicts. To make the results of these activities available to the international scientific community as well as to Austrian science.

General description: 

Undertakes scientific research on the problems of peace, disarmament, security, development, international cooperation and other global problems through members in different countries, at the seat of the Institute or in collaboration with other national and international organizations; initiates international projects and participates in scientific projects of Austrian and other national and international organizations; spreads information on results of scientific activity; strives for cooperation with UN and other international and national institutions of scientific nature, in particular regarding issues of peace and disarmament research; organizes symposia, conferences and other scientific events.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Disarmament, Peace