International Information Centre For Terminology

Objectives and Mission: 

Promote and support cooperation of existing and establishment of new terminology centres and networks with the general aim to improve specialist [communication], knowledge transfer and provision of content with a view to facilitate participation of all in the global [multilingual] knowledge society.

General description: 

Organizes a worldwide network of terminology centres and terminology networks, by: disseminating information; furthering preparation of re-usable terminologies by subject-field specialists in cooperation with terminologists; sharing expertise regarding harmonized methods and guidelines for terminology management and for terminology policies, management of terminology centres and for the use of terminological data, methods and tools in various domains. Cooperates with international, regional and national organizations; organizes terminology training activities. Instrumental in setting up: International Institute for Terminology Research; International Network for Terminology; Red Iberoamericana de Terminologia; East Asia Forum on Terminology (EAFTerm); national terminology centres in Germany, Japan, Italy and Hungary. Organizes: Congress; symposium, always in Vienna (Austria). Co-organizes: International Conference on Terminology, Standardization and Technology Transfer (TSTT) in China; other conferenes.

Field of Interest: