International Federation Of Workers' Education Associations

Objectives and Mission: 

The development of the democratic citizen through education about society, the development of the individual, the freedom of individuals to associate, democracy as a method in learning as well as society, equalizing educational opportunities for those who have been unreached by formal systems, breaking down the barriers between academic knowledge and everyday experience, ensuring that technology is used to promote and not abuse democracy, using the study circle as a participatory method of education, developing a multicultural and universal view of culture through freedom of expression, social justice, economic and human, and strengthening the psychological and ideological foundations of tolerance, international solidarity and a sustainable world through promotion of peace and preservation of the environment.

General description: 

Organizes: international seminars; summer schools; research work; special projects; assistance for member organizations; counselling and professional consultation; bureau for exchange and dissemination of information.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Field of Interest: 
Education, Indigenous peoples, Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Trade union, Training