International Federation Of The Periodical Press

Objectives and Mission: 

To establish and promote around the world optimum conditions for the development of the periodical press. To further formal and informal relations among magazine publishers for the purpose of exploiting publishing ideas, marketing initiatives and technological opportunities.

General description: 

FIPP World Magazine Congress, every two years (odd years). The 35th FIPP World Magazine Congress will be held in New York City, USA, on 22-25 May 2005. FIPP Regional Conference, every two years, (even years) FIPP Worldwide Magazine Marketplace – the only licensing, joint venture, syndication and networking fair offering a unique forum to carry out business meetings between publishers (annually) FIPP Publishing Research Conference & Forum, every two years FIPP International B2B Conference, every two years

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Field of Interest: 
Environment, Literacy, Press, Press Freedom