International Federation For Parent Education

Objectives and Mission: 

To study in common the problems posed to various civilizations by the adjustment of family life, relations and education to rapidly changing ideas and living conditions, to adapt the methods tried by Schools for Parents and other bodies involved in family education to the needs of different countries so as to inform and help parents in their task of education, to conduct research, studies and comparisons concerning the principles and methods of continuing education for children, young people and adults in terms of training, personal maturity and social relations, to direct this education towards developing a spirit of international understanding, co-operation and peace capable of orienting the joint use of scientific and technological progress towards contructive goals of interest to all.

General description: 

IFPE collects and disseminates, thanks to its associations, all information on actions led in various countries to help parents in their educational action. It organizes international conferences and congresses. It participates in various working meetings of the Unit Family of the UNO and helps the implementation of its programmes.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Field of Interest: 
Education, Family