International Federation Music Hope

Objectives and Mission: 

To provide active aid to three countries, victims of human rights violations, selected by an Advisory Commission. To make various forms of musical expression accessible to all, in particular in culturally deprived environments (prisons, hospitals, hostels, homes for the elderly, and so on). To set up and manage a bank of musical instruments and teaching aids for workshops in the third and fourth worlds. To create a new form of selection of young musicians and give them the opportunity to perform in public. Priority issues: Music; defence of human rights; humanitarian issues; rehabilitation of the marginalized; culture.

General description: 

Organizes concerts for the benefit of humanitarian organizations in countries where human rights are flouted. Brings quality music to defavourized sectors: rural zones, old people's homes, hospitals, prisons, Fourth World. Organizes: international music workshops 'Ateliers musicaux internationaux (AMI)', opening appreciation of music to children in developing countries through their own traditions; organizes selections of young musicians without aggressive competition; organizes seminars and summer schools for young musicians. Set up 'Orchestre pour la Paix'. 

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Arts Education, Culture, Human rights, Music