International Federation Of Medical Students' Association

Objectives and Mission: 

Offer future physicians a comprehensive introduction to global [health] issues; act as a forum for medical students worldwide to discuss topics related to health, education and medicine, to formulate policies from such discussions and to carry out appropriate activities; promote humanitarian ideals and medical ethics among medical students; act as a mechanism for medical students' professional and scientific exchange and projects; enable cooperation and contacts with other international organizations; provide a mechanism for member organizations to raise funds for recognized projects.
To serve medical students all over the world through its member organizations. To promote international co-operation in professional training. To contribute to the development of cultural learning and social responsibility among medical practitioners,

General description: 

IFMSA carries out most of its activities through six standing committees (Sanding Committees on Medical Education, Public Health, Refugees and Peace, Reproductive Health including AIDS, Professional Exchange, and Research Exchange). IFMSA has also a number of projects in various fields, e.g. Poverty, HIV Issues, etc (see, for more information).
IFMSA develops a Training and Development Resources Programme to provide training to medical students world wide and empower them with the necessary knowledge and skills for action in the health field.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
South Sudan
Field of Interest: 
Education, Education for Peace, Health sciences, Higher Education, HIV/AIDS, Human rights, Youth