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International Federation For Information Processing

Objectives and Mission: 

The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) is the global non-profit umbrella organization of societies of ICT professionals that aims at achieving a worldwide professional and socially responsible development and application of information and communication technologies.It encourages and assists development, exploitation and application of information technology (IT):
stimulate, encourage and participate in its research, development and application;
foster international cooperation in the field;
provide a meeting place for national societies to discuss and plan action on issues of international significance;
pay special attention to needs of developing countries and assist them in obtaining optimum benefit from information technology;
promote professionalism, incorporating high standards of ethics and conduct among practitioners;
provide a forum for assessing social consequences of IT applications;
campaign for safe development and use of IT and protection from abuse through its improper application;
foster and facilitate cooperation between academics, industry and governmental bodies;
represent the interests of users;
provide a vehicle for work on international aspects of IT development and application including preparatory work for generating international standards;
contribute to formulation of education and training needs of practitioners, users and the public at large.

General description: 

IFIP Organizes congresses (from 1992, every 2 years) including exhibitions of computer systems and services; world conferences; international conferences organized by technical committees; symposia; workshops:

IFIP World Computer Congresses (WCC) 1959 - 2012
IFIP World IT Forum (WITFOR) 2003 - 2012 
IFIP World CIO Forum 2011
IFIP World Computer Conferences on Computers in Education (WCCE) 1970 - 2009

Development and implementation of projects and works for secondary and higher education, and in the field of ethics and governance on the Internet (Informatics Curriculum Framework 2000 for Higher Education, UNESCO/IFIP Curriculum for Secondary Schools, Ethics and Governance on the Internet, TC5 Project on Virtual Enterprises, Gateway Project, IT Star).

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Field of Interest: 
Communication, New technologies of information and communication, Training