International Federation Of Film Archives

Objectives and Mission: 

FIAF has the aim of conserving and screening films, linking the efforts of the world's leading archives. It recovers, restores and screens films and documents relating to the history of the cinema from its beginnings to the present day. Mission: To promote cinematographic art and culture; To assemble the institutions which, in each country, are dedicated to tracing and preserving films as being both cultural articles and historical documents; To encourage the tracing and preservation of documents and other material relating to the cinema, and to constitute new archives in countries where these are lacking.

General description: 

Furthering the training and expertise of archive staff; Research in the audiovisual domain; Congresses, workshops, symposia; Publications, databases, periodicals.

Country Presence: 
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Macao, China
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland