International Federation Of East-Central European Institutes

Objectives and Mission: 

To undertake joint scientific activities, organize exchanges of information, organize international scientific meetings, publicize crucial European issues and stimulate discussion of common problems, facilitate contacts between scientific circles in the countries isolated during the communist period so as to bring the European countries situated in the east, in the centre and in the west of the continent closer together. Fields of activity: Scientific research, social sciences, intercultural and religious dialogue, protection of the human and cultural heritage.

General description: 

Research themes pursued in conjunction with the other centres, organization of international conferences and seminars, organization of meetings involving major figures from the intellectual and scientific worlds, publicity activities, support for regional and intellectual initiatives to encourage closer links between the nations.
Research themes: history and geography - an integrated approach; the question of national and religious minorities in East-Central Europe; historiography and a historical view of East-Central Europe; psycho-social opportunities for and obstacles to the integration of the nations of East-Central Europe; socio-religious historical atlas of the region; encyclopedia of East-Central Europe.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Cultural Diversity, Cultural Heritage, Scientific research, Social sciences, Tolerance