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International Dance Council

Objectives and Mission: 

Funded as an UNESCO's official umbrella to treat all forms of dance in all countries on an equal basis
Mission :
To protect the dance heritage worldwide and ensure its full representation
To promote creation and research
To promote knowledge of dance in general education
To encourage training of performers and choreographers
To establish a computer network to facilitate contacts and exchange

General description: 

Organizations of seminars, international conferences, workshops of choreographies, international meetings, exhibitions, international symposiums; every year, awarding of the international prize "Video dance", activities of promotion of young talents, organization of competitions concerning all the fields of danse within the framework of the UNESCO Programme of Culture. Dance Day, 29 April. (In 2007, the Year's Dance Day was dedicated to the children.) World Danse Directory, with more than 100,000 addresses in 80 countries. NOIBC Congrès, “La danse à travers l’histoire: les racines de la danse en Louisiane, 1750-1830, France, Espagne, Les Caraïbes et le Canada“, New-Orleans, USA, 2003. Festival de vidéo danse et Ateliers, Quito, Equateur, 2003. 17th World Congress on Dance: “La danse dans l’éducation”, Naxos, Grèce, October 2003. Argentine - septembre 2004: 2ème Festival de Vidéo danse et Ateliers de formation, Buenos Aires. 18th World Congress on Dance, Argos, Greece, November 2004. 19th World Congress on Dance, Cyprus, 2-6 November 2005. 20th World Congress on Dance Research, 25-29 October 2006, Athens, Greece. 21st World Congress on Dance Research, 12-16 September 2007, Athens, Greece. Grants and travel subsidies to artists and directors. Grants for musical theater artists. Prize for books on dance. This prize is awarded annually.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Equatorial Guinea
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
South Sudan
Field of Interest: 
Art, Culture, Dance, Training