International Council On Social Welfare

Objectives and Mission: 

To provide help for a wide range of people who are poor, ill, disabled, unemployed, frail or oppressed who might be young people, older people, families, indigenous peoples, migrants, refugees and others who are experiencing special hardship or vulnerability.
To promote forms of social and economic development which aim to reduce poverty, hardship and vulnerability throughout the world, especially amongst disadvantaged people.
To strive for recognition and protection of fundamental rights to food, shelter, education, health care and security.
To advance equality of opportunity, freedom of self-expression and access to human services.

General description: 

Organizes: international and regional conferences and seminars; bilateral and trilateral workshops directly related to special needs of certain countries. Promotes projects concerned with innovative social measures; participates in studies and research dealing with development of effective new social policies; stimulates social action programmes at national, regional and worldwide levels. Provides: consultation, information and referral service on topics related to social development; assistance to member agencies on cooperation patterns, financing methods and organizational problems.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Field of Interest: 
Africa, Cities, Developing countries, Development, Equal opportunities, Family, Freedom of expression, Human rights, Indigenous peoples, Persons with Disabilities, Poverty, Refugees